Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama: the Ali of Politics

WOW. Click here to read speech.

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. For a minute I was worried that Obama was too smart for his own good. I was concerned that, somehow, his strategic mind might not be able to strategize beyond his clever delegate numbers game. But then, I thought, prayed, and logically concluded that a man who's smart enough to get this far, this soon, this grand, knows how to win an election.

Obama did not disappoint! Now we'll see how the astute, socially conscious, upstanding, educated big, BLACK boys play the game to win.

A quick, hard fight is the only way that a Black man can beat a white man in a presidential election. Too much McCain bashing, too soon, would have only hurt Obama in the end. Knowing white people as he does, he knew that he had to come in articulate, friendly, and under the radar as much as possible. If that's not tricky enough, he also had to make ignut black folks understand that he's "for us" — while also making white folks think he's not. Difficult balancing act indeed.

Obama's judgement is definitely on point. If you want to make the most impact in a presidential election, what better way to do it than to hold your big guns until the masses get to know you better and on the anniversary of MLK's "I Have Dream" speech...? What better time to make your mark in American history and hearts? What better time to show everyone how strong you really are?

Obama came out tonight like Ali. He'd held back his blows for months, and then in a flurry, he clearly showed us that he knows what the fk he's doing. Timing is everything.

I wasn't around to hear Martin speak, but I did get to hear Michelle's Boo make magic with these words:

What the nay-sayers don't understand is that this election has never been about me. It's been about you.

That, right there, was real talk whether it was real for him or not. For all of us Obamaholics who think he "walks on water" (?), the passion for Obama really has been about what he represents as opposed to what McCain represents. As cheesy as it sounds, we've really been riled up because of the hope and change that Obama symbolizes. Sure he's sexy as hell, but we aren't really "idolizing" him because of the cool. The cool is a factor, but the real aphrodesiac is his ability to make others want to change for the better. And we are loving the strategic way he's winning this campaign. Whew!

This has been on my mind so I'm going to get it out. If you think Obama isn't "really black" or that his bi-racial status negates any of his blackness, you're wrong. The facts are that he has two black daughters and a black wife and his daddy was an African tribesman. In my estimation, 1 African Daddy equals 4 regular black daddies. So really, Barack is 80% Black and 20% white. LOL

Obama 08.

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