Friday, August 15, 2008

Hood Princess

Thank you Gossip God for giving LisaRaye all that crazy sexy cool! She is bringing the drama baby, and I don’t think she’s going to stop anytime soon. Praises.

I fuks with LisaRaye. Always have. Since she first touched the pole, I saw her as the ultimate example of a woman working with what she had. Not only using her looks to get ahead – but more so how she maximized her natural born drive and determination to became a celebrity and, for a moment, Princess of Turks and Caicos Island.

For what it’s worth, LisaRaye and Vanessa Williams (the Penthouse one) both represent beautiful examples of women with determination who have jumped over obstacles to get ahead and stay ahead. I like women who do them no matter what people say or think.

All of this means one thing: I thought LisaRaye would never be caught dead busting in a meeting and biting her husband and another random nigga. In my mind, LisaRaye was the prettier, richer, finer, more well known, less talented, version of I thought she was strong and I’m shocked that she’s not handling her business a little better. I’m amused, oh yes I am damn amused, but I’m also looking at her with one eyebrow raised.

Is my idol showing weakness — like my husband’s idol, Trae the Truth recently showed???

Unless I’m missing some KEY information about the Lisa/Micheal/Rosci scenario this is what has happened:

1. Michael was accused of raping a Puerto Rican woman.

2. Michael had a party at the home he shares with LisaRaye. Rosci spent the night and hosted the party like she was the lady of the house. Oh for real, Rosci -- you ready to go against grown ass LisaRaye?

3. Reports surface tha LisaRaye doesn’t plan on leaving her cheating, raping, newly slim husband.

4. Michael puts out a press release that the marriage is over and done. Word is that Rosci sent the press relese to Gully jumpoff aint she?

5. LisaRaye busts in a meeting, screams, "Does Lisa have to bite a b*tch?!?" and bites Michael. Then she bites the dude helping Michael.

6. She goes to jail for a minute – or not??

7. The guys go to the hospital to check the bite wounds (WTF?). They’ll live.

8. LisaRaye releases a British sounding press release saying, basically, that she shall this and that. Ultimately, she wanted to be there to support her man, but he wanted divorce. Why is she putting herself out there like that??? Is there a method to the scorned woman madness??

8. This video of Lisa Raye discussing the whole thing screams either “stressed” or “I’m on my way to kick Rosci’s ass”. I don’t know, but something about LisaRaye in this clip reminds me of Diamond’s mindset right before Ebony walked out that bathroom.

Rosci better hope she never runs into LisaRaye -- or Da Brat.


  1. i love how you pull it all together EVERY TIME

  2. DAMN! I need YouTube at work, that settles it I'm leaving early!


  3. LisaRaye must really be going through the drama because that short wig on her is a terrible mess.


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