Saturday, August 2, 2008

SOLANGE - The Verdict

She's aiiite, but she aint no Beyonce.

Why do you have to compare her to Beyonce?????

Because she sounds like Beyonce would sound if Bey couldn't sing. For all the people who believe that Bey can't really sing, I implore you to take a listen to her little sister. THIS is how Beyonce would sound if she really couldn't sing:

Yes, the lyrics are great, but Solange, you're tongue tied. WTF? No ma'am to you and any other tongue tied singer who aint named Fantasia.

I like Solange's attitude, clothes, free spirit, and general vibe (if she's showing us the real her). I think I'd prefer to see her just talking crazy and doing whatever it is that she was doing before Matthew forced her to get out there and work. Write a song, have a drink, smoke some la la — just please stop singing. Shit.

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  1. I like Solange and if Ashanti and Cassie can exist... why can't Bey's lil sis. LMAO



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