Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Fonzworth Conspiracy

Forzworth Bentley must be doing something right -- behind closed doors -- because I haven’t been impressed with anything he's done on-screen. Puff’s umbrella man? nope; Rapper? nope; Host/any thing that requires him to speak? hell no.

This man has zero talent, and you can't convince me that he's supposed to be doing anything other than make-up and hair. I see that he has no talent; you see he has no talent, so what are all these Hollywood niggas seeing ? What kind of dik in the booty (RIP Pimp) blackmail does he have over Kanye, Puffy, and Andre3000?

I think that he’s either blackmailing them or they're all in on it together, willingly. Kanye is once again trying to turn hip hop into a gay-friendly genre. No sir. We prefer our Baby’s and Weezy’s to kiss and NOT tell.

Back to my conspiracy theory. I present a piece of evidence to you. This is from Fonzworth’s myspace page. Notice the rainbow colors? This is a the gay calling card of America.

Then check this out… this is the second part of the Colours artwork on his page:

Oh really?

Now peep the video staring Bently, Kanye and Andre3000. Try not to fall asleep before Andre starts rapping. Sorry, Fonzworth, we just aren't ready for an obviously gay black male to make it big. (Too bad Fonzworth can't slip through the cracks by making us laugh like Katt Williams or Eddie Murphy.)


  1. You're right!!

  2. wow, this has to be the dumbest blog I have ever come across, how insecure and unsuccesful must you be to epitimize the n*gga lobster theory; as soon as you see one succedd (make it out the boiling pot) there's a lazy ass lobster that can't do it and must bring the other one down back to this pot of seething, boiling ignorance. Think you're a little late (say three years) to make a remark about Ye's anti-homophobia campaign, where were YOU, under a rock, then again that mug of yours looks like its taken a few rocks (i.e. actual stones, crack, all of the above) Now back to the original subject at hand, you claim Fonzworth is a talentless, homosexual, umbrella toting, dick riding, should be hairdresser. Well you're only surely right on one thing; Fonzorth was an umbrella-toter for Diddy. Whoop-dee-do a bright talented gentleman was offered a position with one of the most succesful busniessmen and musicians alive, I guess we all can't be an overnight success like you by becoming authors of a trainwreck of a blog. Bentley is far more talented then what you may have read in your bibles of "xxl" or "the source" do we have to mention that he is a classically trained violinist (master Beethovens fifth by 2 1/2 years of age), a concert master, personally mentored by Bill Cosby, author, televison host, musical and cultural pioneer, and a whole host of other titles! Maybe you get the picture and wll realize it's better for people to think you're a moron rathr than to open our mouth (or your hands) and remove all doubt. Now rest peacefully at the bottom of the pot lobster, the succesful ones need to make it out.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKzQe4OCXXA this must break that piece of dark matter you call a heart doesn't it,it must be true that penis envy starts with the worst of us huh fella?

  3. Lola is right, you're wrong!!!

  4. ^^ Who reads a whole block of text? Looks like the rantings of a crazy person.

    It's not that serious! LOL!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ok, I've read Lola's comments. Hmmmmm... I could have sworn that I wrote:

    Kanye is once again trying to turn hip hop into a gay-friendly genre.

    See the word AGAIN up there....? I don't think that means I've been hiding under a rock.... It means (Grammar 101) that I am revisiting an OLD topic.

    Goodness, do the hormones affect reading comprehension TOO?

    Your talking about my looks = hilarious! Keep the jokes coming. I'll suffer thru a block of text for these shits and giggles with you, Boo!

  7. I may have had too much time on my hands but I am not a crazy person! In fact it can prob be argued that I have too much time on my hands for making this rebuttal but I'll take that hit. Jokes aside, my grammar is not poor. Using the present progressive tense (especially when revisiting an old subject) is improper, and as I am sure you know within the present progressive tense; one is describing an ongoing action that is happening at the same time the statement is written, therefore, referencing to an article more relative than three years ago would've been more apt. Honestly, you're best bet would be a present perfect progressive-but hey you're not a blogger, but someone that cares about grammar so much should be more conscientious, especially before forming your confutation.

    It was rude of me to be harsh in my initial insult by not staying to point, terribly unlady like-but I'm glad you took it with a light heart despite how hilarious the timing and delivery could have been. Well, now am I not only high on girl juice but also syntax so I'm taking my supergirl cape off to continue living my life and you can continue to live yours.


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