Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bear Grylls is So Nasty

Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild started out highly entertaining for all the right reasons. Then, Bear Grylls turned into something almost cannibal-like and it was revealed that he sleeps in motels between shoots. I could deal with his motel usage, but the constant slaughtering and eating of wild animals for entertainment purposes is not my idea of right.

Bear's went from eating raw fish to ripping open reindeers and snakes...with his mouth...while they are still moving. Too much!

In the clip below, he traps and kills a large wild animal by slitting its throat. He then goes straight Vampire and drinks the blood pouring from its neck. As if that's not shocking enough, he finishes off by ripping the poor animal’s heart out and taking a healthy bite from the tip.

Exceedingly gross and needless.

Where’s PETA? Why hasn’t Bear Grylls lost his job…?


  1. It's so totally gross. They could shoot some of the outrage the have at Michael Vic over this dude's way . . . and take his show off the air. Sheesh.

  2. It's ok to do this type of thing if you are really lost and hungry, but for entertainment purposes, HELL NO. This is just wrong. Anything for money.


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