Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R. Kelly feat. Keri Hilson - Number One

I know I'm late, but yeah whatever... I finally watched the video to R. Kelly and Keri Hilson's song, "Number One Sex" and I have to say it's alright. Of course, I'm conflicted between thoughts of "ew" towards R. Kelly and my love for this song. But that's what R. Kelly does to a person when he makes a good jam. And Ms. Keri Baby just looks and sounds so fresh, for lack of a better word.

It must be written that I don't care for R. Kelly singing about sex anymore than I'd care to hear Chris Brown singing about beating an Islander, but I dig the song.


  1. This man is truly a genius. I really love the song but R.kelly will not get any more of my money. I just can't support him. I'll definitely download or support my local bootlegger on this one.

  2. "R. Kerri"? Are they serious?

    I feel the general ew-ness toward him too. I only regret that I feel that way when listening to his old music too (pre-2000). His new music is kinda garbage to me.

    And I never understand why they call this dude a genius. He can write a mean slow song, remix anything and produce like no other... but genius? To me a genius wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. Maybe I should have clarified and said musical genius.. I don't think you can win a Nobel Peace Prize in music (I only know of physics, chemistry, medicine and literature). Michael Jackson did not win a Nobel Peace Prize either and he's still a (musical) genius. You might be being a little unrealistic.

  4. yeah, well, honestly Kells can jam.....genius is a little unrealistic if you ask me. But I can jam beyond what he did to that little girl. Yes, wrong, but very Earthly....not buying anything (absolutley nothing), but if he can find some way to get paid while I visit rapidshare then do your thang kells. And even if the Nobel Peace Prize did have a musical award....he's still not getting it. John Lennon for sure, Michael for 'they don't really care about us', and I'm sure Bob Marley and the Wailers for 'get up, stand up'. But really we have got to get a hold on both being so emotionallly commited to musicians AND calling them 'genius'. Because if you want to hear genius check this out:

    now that's prize worthy!


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