Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Music from Chris Brown + Jamie Foxx Naked!

Ginuwine – Trouble

It’s going to take this song x 10 to bring Ginuwine anywhere near back.

Chris Brown – Changed Man


Beyonce - Poison

It might grow on me.

As a side note, India.Arie was recently on 106 & Park. Doing her Own.Thing. Good thing she’s not her hair…

Don’t Malinda and her husband D Nice look so grown and sexy?

And oh yeah! Jamie Foxx took it to another level with the nude picture. View it here. It’s not safe for work or in front of anyone that you don’t feel comfortable watching porn with.


  1. Wait a damn minute. That's Cocktail from I love Ray J in Ginuine's

    Sorry I was distracted...umm I just want him to stop dancing!

    As far as Chris Brown I hope he doesn't come out trying to apologize to the world. I wasn't there and neither was the rest of America so if Rihanna put her hands on him he should have popped her ass.. Now I want some more popping and grinding not this sappy shit from Chris Brown!




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