Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drake Falls

Maybe I’m real childish, but this was FUN-NY to me; I’ve watched it about 5 times so far. Drake does his hand thing, twirls, falls, and becomes one with the floor for a minute. It's so lame and goofy looking. I pity-love Drake.

Why do I feel like he just might not be ready to perform for the people? Is he faking - or exaggerating - his injury? In any event, the whole thing is hilarious. One day he'll perform on his feet.


  1. ok so why he stay down so long?! he need to get some advice from Destiny's Child.....shake it off & get your butt back up asap! Injury? I don't know. It looked really minor for him to be carried off the stage. lol Lil Wayne was funny tho.

  2. So wait a minute........I don't get it, didn't he fall before and hasn't this been something he's been dealing with. Sounds like some one is looking for disability from his rapping career.


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