Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dream Dips on Christina M.

Like, really, what the hell? Frolicking on the beach with the hired help? For real?

It's a fact that Christina dumped her boyfriend (Cool? Dre?) for The Dream, but who cares? Karma doesn't necessarily say that dumping a boyfriend = cheating on a wife. I don't care if Christina is fake, a gold digger, or the second coming of Mel Gibson — The Dream and his wack ass CD, Love Tit-tays, didn't have to do the girl like that.

Are they doing this for publicity? Not hardly. These celebrity marriages are built on the flimsiest foundations, and they tear apart everyday. It's a shame, really.

I have a pretty good idea why The Nightmare showed out, too. I'd bet that it's the same reason he dumped Nivea: Christina wasn't hot anymore. Come on ladies, a lot of us have been there: young, hot, and desirable until a man impregnates us and forgets that we were his ultimate come up.


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