Friday, July 9, 2010

Tantilizing News from Across the Pond

I'll bet that you've never even heard of Chris Hune before.

How about Hune and his wife?

Nothing yet?

How about the woman who Hune left his wife for?

Still nothing?

Ok, then, how about Hune's mistress' WIFE?

Yes, that's right. The Energy Secretary in the UK left his wife and 3 kids for the lesbian/bi-sexual/straight (?) woman in the dress (above). 

Hune's political career is of little interest to me but I thought it was interesting that he left his wife for what amounts to an unpretty Ellen. My only question is this: Will the mistress, Carina Trimingham (trim? lol) divorce her "wife" too?

I don't think so. There will only be one messy and heartbreaking divorce in this scenario. Miss Trim can just chunk her "wife" the deuce and keep it moving.

Look at Hune, his wife, and his mistress on election day. SMH. I can't help but laugh though.

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