Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Estelle and Kelis

Rough and Crazy.



  1. Jesus help your children...........

    Just to lay it real, I don't like Estelle's music AND I think she's real ugly, lol. The straight teeth won't help at ALL.

    And Kelis, poor thang looks probably how she feels. But I can't blame her, she says Nas was real mean to her, calling her whores and b's for sleeping with his friend on camera........cookie crumbling huh?

    deal with it hun. And Estelle hang it up.

  2. Oh, no !! When I saw the picture I said there's Estelle . . . where's Kelis? Wow . . . she looks so different and the blue hair is just not helping!

  3. I won't talk about Estelle because there is really nothing she can do about it... I mean really, what can she do?? Nothing will make her cute..... but Kelis?? I'm more upset that she is wearing that ugly, unflattering dress just because it matches her hair!


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