Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Bust to Hit Houston

While browsing my racist local newspaper, I saw that a bust of the President will be on display this Friday evening in Pearland, TX, a city on the outskirts of Houston. Yippee! I can't wait to take a pic next to it.

But goodness... the comments for this article are ridiculous! If it weren't for the fact that I love how spacious Houston is + the cost of living + how new it looks in certain areas, I'd move to the East Coast. Or West Coast. Or anywhere where these kind of comments aren't commonplace about our first Black POTUS.

His head being in Texas explains alot about his actions in Washington. I hope it is placed right next to the other socilists.

The Messiah on display.......why don't we wait and see if ever does a worthy thing to deserve this or has the news media already brainwashed the country into thinking that he is THE SAVOR of all of our problems.

You are honoring a man before he has actually done something worth honoring.

Will the Obama head be displayed next to the Karl Marx head?

Makes on wonder how far spit would fly at 65 MPH going down 288.

Oh, how cool...they were able to make it lifesize.

Thank goodness I don't live in Pearland!! UGH!

He's not my president and has earned all the disrespect he recieves.

I have an English bulldog I need to walk. Now I know where to take her.

His ears are so big. How is that gonna work? His ego is even bigger. Will it show?

Keep it up. Just keep it up. Y'all will NEVER get another white president.



  1. like Smokie says, 'tis life.'

    ........getting a picture of my baby girl straddling his nose,lol.

  2. Its nice!
    and LOL at these salty ass conservatives who are still mad their republicans lost...

  3. Is it racist to reasonably question whether the man deserves veneration this early in his term? I admit it is a great feat and accomplishment to be such a young president, and even more so that he is African-American. I also wonder whether he will rise to the level at which he is placed by many people, or will he disappoint like many politicians do?

  4. @Anonymous - why don't you stop wondering and allow him to prove and earn your respect like every other politician in the past. Writing someone off so quickly is not fair and not just but, of course due to the times we are in, everyone wants reassurance and it should have nothing to do with his race or age.

    @Smokie - getting another white male president will be a big feat esp since every one has ridiculed and demeaned Sonia and Obama. Now, that is a great example of racism and sexism at times. But, if it was Palin or one of her clan, we'd be hearing sob stories on her behalf. I think most minorities can be majorities if they ban together.

    Great post and I hope I dnt have too many typos :)


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