Monday, June 29, 2009

Left Over Pics from the BET Awards

Ving was waaay too into character (or drunk). Loved the Baby Boy skit at first.

Tevin Campbell, all grown up and drugged out.

Hey Tempest!

Taraji, looking good.

Is this Puff's new group? Just cancel all the plans. This is a failure just waiting.

NeYo and his hood gal (of the moment)

NeYo being brave.

So this explains why ya girl from Mary Mary looked so swole. She's swole with child. Awwww.

Just don't do this Mario. Looks like he'd spit out sugar.

Times been hard, Loretta?

Oops, they got a bad shot of Jay. If I didn't honestly believe he was knocking Bey down, I'd question this photo.


Oh please, Fornsworth.

Estelle, Big Chaka, and LeToya Luckett.

Lala and Carmelo still hanging in there.

Wonder what they talked about.

When we still thought Jamie would tear the house down.

Arsenio looking crazy.

Keyshia and Monica rocked the house! Keyshia is looking too mature, however. Monica's voice was NOT playing last night. Girl, come back with some good ish!!

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  1. why did keyshia wear that? It looked like something I saw patty labelle wear a couple of years ago. for patty it was age appropriate.


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