Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lesser of Two Evils

So today I ran across this forlorn picture of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's wife, Patty.

Then this:

An unflattering portrait depicting Illinois First Lady Patricia Blagojevich as a modern-day Lady Macbeth who plotted against her husband's perceived enemies and backed his corrupt schemes emerged in court documents connected to the governor's arrest Tuesday. Her alleged ambitions and brashness are outlined in a 76-page federal criminal complaint:

She helped her husband hatch a plan to sell President-elect Barack Obama's old U.S. Senate seat. She angled to trade her husband's power for lucrative spots on corporate boards.

And she unleashed an obscenity-filled tirade suggesting Tribune Co. ownership should "just fire" Chicago Tribune editorial writers if the company wanted the state to help it unload Wrigley Field to ease its crushing debt.

"Hold up that [expletive] Cubs [expletive]," she is quoted as saying in the background as her husband talked on the phone, authorities alleged. "[Expletive] them." Patricia Blagojevich, 43, has not been charged with wrongdoing. (more here)

Finally, a woman having a corrupt man's back who is NOT in trouble for messing around. I can't even be mad at Patty. This is a ride or die wife all day, 100%. Hands on hip, and probably a Miller Light and Virginia Slim's in the other, Patty got her gutter on in the background. What!

You can tell by the way Patty jumped to his defense that #1) he is putting it down where he needs to be (not JUST the bedroom either) and #2) they are superclose -- she fully knows the man she married, for good or bad. She's backing him and she clearly wasn't caught off guard when the news came out because she stay in the know in her man's life. AND - this is the key: She's not the butt of his deceit. SHE is benefiting off of his corruption. Together they were about to come up. He wasn't tricking off his ill gotten gain on hooker's, random men, or random women. Not saying it's a good thing, but see the title of the post.

If you must be a ride or die chick, wouldn't you want to be Patty? Or one of these shamed lonely wives...? Pick and choose ladies. Pick and choose for YOU.

Moral of the post: If you must have some one's back who's doing wrong, make sure YOU aren't the one being done wrong. If you must be with someone who's not living right, at the very least, make sure he treats you like a queen by his actions, and not just his words. You may be too scared to strive for it all in a man, but you can at least strive for the man who places you first and treats YOU right.

Note: I'm going to post once a day and somehow I'm going to tie a "moral of the post" to it. Don't ask why.

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  1. easier said than done. when you're living in ALTERNATE REALITY and suffering from ARS (alternate reality syndrome) - then there is NO looking out for you.

    nothing YOU want matters. only him and what he SAYS matters - not even his actions (or lack thereof).

    i'd pick patty's keep it 100 ass ANY DAY. :-)

    girl...and my mama smokes virgina slims menthol lights - LMAO


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