Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seven Pounds: The Review

Magnificent! The trailer, above, can't possibly convey the cinematic masterpiece that is "Seven Pounds". Let’s just say that I went into the movie a little sour at Will Smith for whatever reason, and I came out a fan for life. Will Smith is fantastic. Everyone shines in the movie.

I don’t usually do love stories/drama. This was a drama and it was greeeat. Not to SPOIL anything for you, but the love scene between Will Smith’s character and Rosario Dawson’s was one of the most touching, poignant love scenes I have ever seen. Beautiful! Peep the tears dropping from Will’s eyes while he’s kissing around the 1:42 mark. Again, the trailer does NOT do the movie justice.

I can’t really say too much about Seven Pounds because I don’t want to give anything away; it’s a movie that you just have to see for yourself.

I’d like to thank God right now that Beyonce doesn’t have a singing or speaking part in this film.


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    i'm laughing...but seriously though - don't bash the queen.

    these blog readers don't know you like i do - and they may happen upon your blog today and think this is a beyonce bashing site - and then i wouldn't be able to get any work done at ALL all day - because i'd be checking this blog and CONSTANTLY DEFENDING HER.

    now who does that sound like michael evans? lmao lasjdflslk;sadf

  2. @ crys, damn - you're right. I LOOOOVE Beyonce, and I'll go to any movie she's acting in. Sometimes I do get mad at her acting though. ~sigh~

  3. I loved this movie!

    Lol @ the "beyonce" line. You are too funny to me!


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