Saturday, December 13, 2008

What I'm Listening To...

All of these songs are in heavy rotation right now. Don't trip.

Chopped and Screwed – T-Pain ft. Ludacris
I thought I was sick of T-Pain too, but the Houston in me couldn’t resist this one. I’ve actually been deaf to anything featuring Ludacris for quite some time now, but I listened to his punch lines this time around.... I think... I can’t remember what he said after, “Luda!” ... The song still works.

Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan
Men don’t like this song, and I don’t care for what it represents, but it is JAMMIN and I am in mad love with it. I downloaded the instrumental and sang my a-s-s off to it with absolutely no shame. I bust the windows out the car/you know I did it cause I left my mark/wrote my initials with a crowbar/and then I drove off into the dark./ I bust the windows out your car/you should feel lucky that that’s all I diiiid….

Diva – Beyonce
Sasha at her best. Love it. My favorite song on the cd. (There will never be another video like "Single Ladies", though.)

Green Light – John Legend
It takes a lot for John Legend to get in my playlist. I appreciate his talent, but I'm not buying concert tickets for John Legend. I have to admit the sweet crooner hit the mark with this one though. Andre 3000 makes it almost perfect. I want to dance, kiss, eat, sing, everything, when I hear this song. I don’t even care if John is singing to Kanye or pining after Andre3000.

Anything – Devin the Dude
It’s not new, but it’s always in my rotation. Devin just grooves. He could sing-rap just about anything – and has. He keeps it so real: You aint the only one who got problems/you aint the only one who knows pain/get up off yo ass and solve them/you still got a chance to try to change

High Powered – Scarface
If I ever doubted that Scarface was, is, and will likely always be the King of the South, my doubts were erased with his last cd, MADE. His latest effort, Emeritus, puts the nail in the coffin of any other rapper claiming to be King of the South. I don’t understand why Face isn’t everywhere getting his very much due props. Ugly aint got nothing to do with this.

Live Your Life – T-Pain and Rihanna
The song just makes you want to do the damn thing. Period.

Betcha Can’t Do it - Lil O
What can I say? I like the beat. It sounds good. Hell, I bet he can’t do it either.

Shawty Say – David Banner ft. Lil Wayne
The beat. The hook. David Banner. I love this song from top to bottom. For some reason, I was hooked when Lil Wayne said “Shawty say the n___ aint sh___” in Lollipop. So, when I heard it repeated over and over again in this song, I was like YEAAAH! And, David Banner is on there sounding all kinda foolish too?! Rap song dream come true!

Heartless – Kanye West
One of 2 songs that I like on 808s and Heartbreak. Kanye is mad and it's working...for this song.

Never – Jaheim
This is such a beautiful song! Jaheim is the most slept on R&B singer out there. I wish he’d get on his grind and give us some more hits. His voice is so melodic. He makes perfection sound so effortless. Love him.

Spotlight – Jennifer Hudson
As you can tell, I love sangers. JHud don’t play. I don’t think she’s even capable of messing up a song. That voice, Lord, that Voice. I want a gospel CD from Ms. Hudson so bad. I can not find an opening to mention her suspect fiancée or ‘tarded sister. So well, there.

Long Distance – Brandy
Whaaaat? Brandy has never been on any playlist of mine, so the fact that I have to put her on here because I have Long Distance in constant rotation is baffling to me. What happened? Brandy was like, “Enough of this ish, Beyonce Knowles - Carter…married for real ass….I’mma sing this damn song!” Well ok Ms. Norwood. DO THAT. Bravo.

This Christmas – Donny Hathaway
My all time favorite Christmas song.

Mary Did You Know – Clay Aiken
This song is one of my favorite songs. It’s so soulful and deep. The words are completely awe inspiring. It's so big yet personal. A masterpiece.

Ordinary - Wayne Brady
Yes, that Wayne Brady. If you've been sleeping on Wayne Brady's music, it's time to wake up. Wayne Brady is no Eddie Murphy, trust me. If you love quality grown folks music, you'll be so pleasantly surprised by Mr. Brady.

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