Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me!

I know this won't seem like much to those of you who have fly phones. But for ME, getting a Sonny Ericsson Walkman was like hitting the lottery. For seven years I carried around my trusty Nokia with pride. No, it didn't have a camera phone, I couln't play music on it, and it was rather large, BUT I could drop, wash, and heat that phone with no service interruption. That phone was like a phone from the Twilight Zone and I loved it.

I, however, was the only person in love with my phone. My friends and family would get embarassed for me when I'd pull it out with loving pride. Now, I've had to retire the Nokia for my cooooool Walkman. I love it! I've been playing with this phone since I bought it. Whoo hooo! Welcome to 2009 Smokie!

Crys: what kind of phone is it?
Smokie: sony ericsson walkman
Smokie: i love it
Smokie: a whole lot
Smokie: i'm still playing with it
Smokie: it does so much.
Crys: alskjdfla;sjdflaskjdflsjd;lkajskld;fsdf
Crys: theasdfja;ldsfj;laskjdflak;sjdfa;lskdfj;alskf
Crys: i have NOWAY to make sure that statement is valid
Smokie: drfgdgfgfgfdgsdfghgjhjkllk
Crys: i mean - LOOK at what you were working with BEFORE
Crys: forreal - you went like LEAPS AND BOUNDS
Smokie: girl, i feel like i just bloomed or something
Crys: most people do phone upgrades GRADUALLY
Smokie: and i know totally how to work it. i been playing with it for over 24 hours
Crys: you just essentially jumped off the grand phone canyon
Crys: you just essentially jumped off the grand phone canyon
Crys: fosjdf;lksjf;ljasdfka;lsjdflaskdfjlsaf
Smokie: i seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Crys, don't worry: I know that copying IMs to your blog is your thing. I'm not trying to Ciara you.

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