Monday, December 1, 2008

All Things Beyonce

Beyonce in Cadillac Records

Peep the clip below. I wish - wish - WISH I could call it, but alas...I can't. I need more to guage the full dramaticalness of it all. (Of course that's not a word but it should be.) The singing is on point.

Beyonce - Roc (ode to Jay)

Oh for real, Bey? I love Bey, but this new found openness is a bit startling and I just want it to stop. I liked not knowing all the business. Is she being so out with it because she just loves his dirty, expensive drawers? Or is it because she wants to sell as much I Am...Sasha Fierce as possible. Whatever the reason, put the breaks on, Bey. Mystery becomes you. (Love the song though!)

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