Friday, July 10, 2009

PSA: Snoop From Time to Time!

What can I say about Steve McNair that hasn’t already been said? I recently did a post on cheaters, so we all know how I feel about them. I’d like to withhold judgment of Steve McNair but his situation fits so neatly in the “things you shouldn’t get caught up in” box.

A rich, black, married, father of four SONS has an affair with a barely legal Iranian waitress, who was, evidently, not to be lied to or played with. She kills him, kills herself, and his legacy is forever tarnished. His wife is shamed and heartbroken. His kids are fatherless and angry.

I blame the selfish man, the selfish woman, and the wife who kept her head in the sand. Yes, his wife has some blame for her pain. An observant wife would have never gotten herself in this situation. An observant wife would have been sad that her EX-husband had been shot and killed.

I know they were married for 12 years. I know she had 4 sons to look after. I know they said vows and she should have been able to trust him. Reality check: Steve had had affairs before – and his wife should have known about them.

To all wives and girlfriends: You have to check up on your mate from time to time if for no other reason than AIDS. It’s out there, and if your man is having an ongoing relationship with another woman (or man), chances are he’s not always strapped and he’s coming home to YOU unstrapped, too. A little pro-active snooping will go a long way in avoiding STDs and embarrassment.

I trust my husband. So far, I have a good man who’s home every night and who loves the ground I walk on. BUT…who knows? A human is a human is a human. This is my body and I owe it to myself to snoop once a year to make sure he’s not doing something that I need to know about. The biggest lie ever handed to women is that if you look for something you will find it. The real truth is that if it’s not there, it absolutely cannot be found.

I can’t tell a wife or girlfriend not to accept her cheating man’s ways, but please arm yourself with the knowledge that he's cheating and then either insist he wraps it up with YOU or get out. It’s more important to save your life than to save face.

*Jumping off my soap box now*

The irony, Steve McNair filmed Suicide ad nine days before he was killed.

Click here to listen to the 911 tape

Eddie George says that Steve McNair was trying to fill a void after retirement.

Steve’s mistress' DUI video:

Now look at this: Lauren London, pregnant for Lil Wayne. Nivea, pregnant for Lil Wayne. And Wayne has the nerve to be the face of a condom ad.

I'm not at all feeling Nivea's pregancy frock, and doesn't she look perfectly crazy?

Poor Lauren. She looks like the dream has died... Or like $$$$$



  1. I don't check often, but when I do It's an attack. I'm quick and thourough. If there's anything to find, with good knowledge and technique, you'll uncover it. If a man feels you don't look he equates that to not caring. So I check. But what I hate is when you find something that breaks your heart and your heart was already beating all fast. Some real cheating will throw you on your Magnum P.I. azz.

    I love Lauren London, so sad to see that sadness in her eyes. I doubt those are cha-ching eyes, looks more like shamed mistake eyes.

  2. Oh I forgot, Mechelle McNair is a fool. A good example of a foolish non-caring and negligent wife. Some rather to ride coat-tails and pretend everything is cool, but you cannpt convince me that there was any connection left between them, after he's been all up in the air with little Ms. Iran.

  3. Well Lauren said she wanted a "thug". What's happening now is just part of the game. I'm sure she knew what kinda igga Wayne was. She'll see dollar signs later... after the pain.

  4. Might not have been a connection between Michelle and Steve but they were probably sexually active. The may have rarely spoken to each other; she may not have cared what he was doing...BUT if they were still having sex AT ALL she should have cared enough about herSELF to know what her man was doing and act accordingly. Maybe some women like marriages of convenience with sporadic sex. Maybe they don't care if their man cheats. Cool. I just want them to make sure he's not having regular unprotected sex with someone else. "Unprotected" is the key word. I've stripped all the emotions from this thing because at the end of the day when the doctor says "YOU ARE POSITIVE" all that love will slide out the window and you'll just be thinking about the new gift you just got from ya man and wishing you had protected yourSELF.

    That is all. :-)

  5. sad but true.........

  6. everything doesn't boil down to std's or HIV, though I'm not saying everything is about love either...we are talking about cheating and getting shot by a jealous jump-off right. Having occasional secks with you husband when he decides to come by doesn't constitute marraige does it? I just know that Mechelle isn't sorry to see Steve go. Now all the loot really is all hers.

  7. Shit, if she snooped she would have found out that he was fooling around with a young unstable Iranian woman, too. Snooping has many benefits. But the most common benefit is not catching an STD. Second most common one would probably be not getting killed by a crazy mistress.

  8. Speak that truth! I have been silent on this subject but I keep thinking had dude not been creeping he probably would be alive. Not saying what his side lady did was right or wrong but as my Granny used to say fat meat is greasy.

    I agree a certain amount of snooping is wise....


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