Friday, July 24, 2009


$55Gs a month? Bossy doesn’t even scratch the surface!

Let’s suppose that the ruling stands and Nas has to dig deep and chunk Kelis more than lint every month for the next 18 years. Ohhh weee! The Lil Homie aint won since '01 when he Ether’d Jay. Somewhere in New York, Shawn Carter is reflecting on all of the right decisions he’s made – marrying a woman with unmatched talent, her own money, and about the business of saving face; never having a CD named Nigger; and all of his profitable business deals. Hov has to be feeling like the ultimate winner right about now. Ether was but a record. $55,000 a month is a sentence.

If there ever was a time to beg, send flowers, stick it out, and do whatever Shaq had to do to get Shanie back, now is the time for Nas to be that man. Get some counseling, understand pregnancy hormones, go to church, pray, tuck his pride away, go to rehab, put Kelis on some sanity pills...something! Ya boy better work this situation out faster than Solange put her wig back on.

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  1. Nas need to work it out instead of paying that much for chp sup. They look like the 'hood couple sitting next to B & Jay. Solange....nice wig but why cut it off and cover it up?! I want that wig tho.


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