Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'I'm Bi-Racial...Not Black Damn It!"


"I'm 9. I have a white dad and a black mom. A lot of my friends are white. When I'm over at their house and my mom comes sometimes it can be a little embarrassing because everyone's white there." Damn, little girl, somebody needs to find you some black pride STAT.
I'm sorry but, come on, these beautiful people are complaining about something pretty... insignificant. I'm not bi-racial, so I don't know the bi-racial experience but I do know the light skinned girl experience and it aint bad. It does hurt when you are a child, though, to be told you look and act white by your black friends and foes. But by the time you reach puberty you are LOVIN' the person God made you to be, so poo poo to the fake complaints.

Do bi-racial people really feel like they don't belong to any group? As many bi-racial children as we have in the world now...? I think the adults in this video just wanted to be filmed shouting loud and proud that they aren't Black. Whatever. Not to demean the bi-racial persons' plight, but there are jet black sistas and brothas who are having a much harder time being accepted by whites AND blacks. Let's keep it real real. The bi-racials will be OK.


  1. I personally think the issue is they are looking for acceptance from both groups and get mad when they meet some who don't like them for whatever reason. If they would accept themselves then the petty stuff will roll off their backs. Like you said, light skinned chicks have always had it good. I am probably in the middle as far as complexion. I know some dark black chicks who get ridiculed not because they are ugly but because they have such smooth dark creamy skin.

    Like the little girl said in the beginning, she tell people she's tan and that's it. Tell them none of their business too.

  2. sound like you're hating on bi-racial people. I'd say that what the bi-racial people are complaining about is actually pretty significant - What these people experience is ignorance and racism.I'm black but have mixed race friends. I have seen firsthand that it can be hard for them - and they often have to choose one culture to go with in order to get on with others...and also face feeling like they are betraying one people group/parent by their choice.....WHy should it be like this? They should be allowed to be themself regardless of what colour their body is.

    You said you are not bi-racial yourself so how would you know if it really is easy or ok to be bi-racial. Thats like a white person who believes being black in America isn't that hard because Obama has become president. There are quite a lot of bi-racial people featured in the video who know firsthand what they are talking about because they lived it so if they say it can be hard being bi-racial i believe them.WHy don't you?

    You yourself say that as a child you were hurt by comments made about you and your lightskin, and - so now think what the average bi-racial kid may go through.

    You say, the people in the video just wanted to shout loudly that they are not black....Exactly! thats the whole point - they are not black, they are bi-racial! and should be allowed to reflect that instead of having to be black or white - what does it mean to be black and white anyway - so stupid, people confuse culture with colour.... I mean WTF...

    In regards to jet black sisters having a hard time - jet black sisters and bi-racial people could bond over the same stupidness they face from others who cant get past their appearance...

  3. Hi Kiki, thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion. You too Denisha!

  4. Rainbow children, if we can't do it, nobody can.


  5. The "suffering" of biracial people is "insignificant" compared to real human suffering going on in the world. People are starving, people are tortured, children are soldiers, people are killed or have limbs cut off by machetes, people are hung for being gay in some countries, rape victims are killed by their families to preserve family honor, there are more slaves in the world today than the entire Atlantic slave trade combined, human trafficking, child prostitution, babies are raped by people thinking they can cure AIDS...the list goes on. It is tough being a kid, tough being black, and maybe a bit tougher being a biracial kid. But at the end of the day, it is all insignificant. People need to have a broader world view instead of a selfish "poor me" attitude over trivial racial issues. How do you teach that to kids, though? Well, many adults too.


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