Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mama's Gone

Remember Maria del Carmen Bousada? If you don’t know her by name, this picture should refresh your memory. She is, was, the old lady who had twins via invitro at the post menopausal age of 66.

Now she’s dead and the boys aren’t even 3.

“I knew it!” “Selfish!” Most of us sit in high moral authority at the audacity of this woman. The nerve of her! Bringing kids into this world well past her dip it low stage. Not only did she lie about her age to qualify for the procedure (claimed to be 55 when she was really 66, but what’s the real difference other than early social security checks vs. full social security checks?), but she also figured she'd live to 101 just because her mother did. Then stomach cancer hit and the rest is history.

You know, I look at Maria and I reflect on my own mild desire to have two more children. I’m 37. I never thought I’d ever contemplate having a new baby, but here I am, a newlywed who loves the cute babies. But the decision to have another child this late in the game is to be carefully weighed.

Then I think...what if I put off having a baby for TWENTY-NINE more years...?

HELL NO. I'd die within 5 years of having a kid at 66. Just like Maria.


  1. girl please! have those 2 babies, forget this story. not to depress anyone, but everyone is born, lives, then dies. Some mothers die having thier babies, so if for nothing else - enjoy making them!

    Think about it, but not too hard - you don't want to have to roll out some 66 year-old powdered milk tiddays to feed your beautiful new babies.

  2. ditto what leslie said

  3. ditto what leslie said

  4. Aww I want another baby but I am about 10 yrs younger so I have time. I think. Surely the best advice on this post...."enjoy making them" lol

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