Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beyonce - Sweet Dreams

It’s no Single Ladies or Irreplaceable, but Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams is a catchy song and it could easily be a crossover hit. Beyonce sounds great as usual. The video? Eh. So-so. But guess what I just realized? Ya girl doesn’t have to step it up.

The Diva’s never really had any competition since Day 1. Ciara is dedicated, and she can dance, but can she do this? As far as overall entertainers go, (sans any non-singing/dancing performances), Beyonce is IT. I say this as a Stan and a realist. Still, it's difficult for a die hard, will defend-that-itch-til-the-end, fan like myself to accept that Beyonce just made three videos in a row where she’s only dancing with two other women...! I want more! Where are the dudes? The story lines? The action? The sets? The cameos?

Why hasn't Mrs. Knowles-Carter been giving it her all recently...? It’s like Beyonce finally realized that she really has been been that "#1 diva in this game for a minute" and she’s chillin until someone comes along to make her work hard for it again. Can you blame her? She can afford to sing Ava Maria at the BET Awards. Keri Hilson tried to bring it, but we know Beyonce would have stomped a hole in that song if she’d performed it. I'll bet we'll get better videos when Beyonce gets some real competition.

I can’t wait to see the girl who will finally go against Bey. Not because I want her to fail, but because I want to see some great entertainment. Hopefully her competition will hit the scene singing, dancing and acting. Who will she be???

Solange Defends Her Big Sis

I waver between love and raised eyebrows when it comes to Solange. Right now, after what she recently said on Twitter about Bey, it's all love.
Sick of people thinking I’m gonna be my sisters enemy.You are FAR out of line.Take your fake “love and healing “somewhere else. Next person who hits me with some negative energy about my sister is gonna get Fox news all over again.Ya hear!

Don’t try to love ME becuz u want 2 be the “anti Beyonce”.I am the “all for” Beyonce.Now kiss both of our Knowles asses if u don’t like it! Call me whatever u want to, but next time I say “yo momma….” don’t flinch. See how u feel. Now back to your regular scheduled programming. I’m back in the booth creating & she is somewhere shutting down a sold out show:) kisses…
Tell em how you feel girl.

Solange on Twitter


  1. Smokie I really liked this video! I admit, I wasn't feeling the R2-D2 part, but Beyonce brought everything I love about her: drama, dance moves and a catchy song. And you're right, no one can do it like Beyonce.

    We just had this discussion at work, 2 of my coworkers hate the video. I think in the face of MJ's passing they're looking for more philanthropy and deeper lyrics. My argument was that we like Beyonce for the performance factor and the marketing, not for the voice or lyrics alone....

  2. Yeah, Solange can really werk some nerves, but when she hits the target, there's no denying it. She is so hot.


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