Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blast from the Past

Don't ask WHY I thought about Ice-T's ex, Darlene Ortiz, today, but I did. I couldn't find any current pictures of her though. Well, she was just Ice-T's gal, but remember her?

Now he's with, her:

I've never been too impressed by this coupling. It kinda starts and stops at "Old Light Skinned Rapper(?) with Pimpish Flair Buys Bleached Blonde with Fake Tits". I need a little bit more to impress me. For instance....

Yeah she's older and he's Bushwick Bill with two good eyes, but come on. He did well. I'm impressed.


This is Bey and Jay. Need I say why I'm impressed?

Or even...

When you first heard about Ashanti and Nelly you yawned and didn't even ask questions, right? But now, when you see them together it's actually pretty damn beautiful:

White girl thinking to herself: Oh my God! This gig really paid off! I know he can't resist my ivory charms!
Nelly thinking to himself: Damn, wet dog hands...Ugh.
Ashanti to White Girl: You wish.

Aww...Black Love...


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