Thursday, July 6, 2006

Chappelle "Lost Episodes" to Air This Weekend

Three "lost episodes" of Chappelle's Show —assembled from footage shot for the planned third season — begin airing Sunday (9 p.m. ET/PT). Several of the sketches, which were filmed starting in fall 2004, play off the comedian's newfound fame and fortune:

• An $8 haircut suddenly costs $11,000 when the barber realizes Chappelle is a $50 million man; a $28 car wash becomes $873.

• He exacts dark revenge on characters who wronged him, including a girlfriend who dumped him as he was about to propose, a casting agent who said he didn't have "it" and a comedy-club owner who banned him.

• A third sketch has him visiting a "Wizard of Hollywood," to whom "he lays out a lot of his issues, his struggle with the mainstream entertainment business," network chief Doug Herzog says. Herzog describes the episodes as a fascinating window into the comedian, to whom he has not spoken since December. "If Dave were a recording artist and this was his third album, critics would say he turned the lens on himself a little. Given everything that's gone on, it's a little fascinating and a little heartbreaking."

I don't want another Dave Chappelle Block Party. Make me laugh, not think! ;-)

I don't want any Chappelle Stans to send me a virus, buuuut... I was never a huge Chappelle Show fan. He did indeed make me laugh plenty, but he could get a little too "out there" with the silliness. Not the Damon Wayans kind of "out there" - HELL NO - but you know what I mean.

Speaking of....

There has never been a worst host in the history of television than Damon Wayans on the BET Awards. Did he audition and win that role? How? Is he depressed? Has he been on an island somewhere with no Blacks around? WTF was he talking about???

Damon has made me hate ALL of the Wayans brothers. matter how good they look!

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