Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Postpartum? Suburban? White? Not Guilty!

Don't act like you surprised.

HOUSTON, Texas (AP) -- Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity Wednesday in her second murder trial for the bathtub drownings of her young children.

Yates, 42, will now be committed to a state mental hospital, with periodic hearings before a judge to determine whether she should be released. An earlier jury had found her guilty of murder, but the verdict was overturned on appeal.

The defense never disputed that Yates drowned her five children one by one in the bathtub of their Houston-area home. But they said she suffered from severe postpartum psychosis and, in a delusional state, believed Satan was inside her and was trying to save them from hell. (more here)

There could have been no other verdict. After all, Yates was a white, Suburban soccer mom. How many white men and women with kids must have thought, "There go I?"

This case was important for white men and women all across America. Yeah, OJ got off, but that white woman chose to be with that crazy nigga. What did she expect? But, this white woman represented zillions of other stressed out, crazy, white housewives with too many kids. America couldn't set a precedent of sending soccer moms to jail for life (or death).

If Andrea would have been ANY black woman, suburban or ghetto, she would have already been executed. Or waiting on her day. There certainly wouldn't have been a re-trial due to a small lie about a television show. Yet, Andrea got that re-trial and now she's on her way to a crazy house. Of course, some ego-driven psychiatrist will say she's "recovered" in less than 2 years. She'll just have more kids and nut up again.

Clearly, the broad is crazy. But, I think she was more MAD crazy than crazy/crazy. She was tired of having kids, tired of being home... and Rusty wasn't hearing it. So she was like, I'll show him. That evil troll knew she had ONE hour to commit the murders, and she worked fast and furiously to complete her mission.

Why didn't the bitch just smoke a blunt?

(Sorry for my language, but when you plan to kill all five of your kids, the least you are is a bitch.)

The bottom line is that there are tons of people in jail for 25 years or more for crimes much less serious than this one. Apparently, Texas is hard on robbers, kidnappers, random murderers, and small time dope dealers -- but if you're a white bitch contemplating drowning your kids, Texas is the place to be.

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