Thursday, July 6, 2006


I'm a minimalist. I don't really get into a lot of bells and whistles, so I don't anticipate that this page will get much jazzier than it is.

I like it.

I'm nosey. I love words. So what better way to express myself than a "gossip" page of sorts? ~Sigh~ I hate to label it a gossip page because it's really more than that - or at least it will grow to be more than that - but for the sake of those who don't care to get too deep, it's a gossip page.

I must tell you that I don't have ANY inside scoops. I don't know ANY celebrities and I probably won't meet any for a while. That being said (how I despise that phrase and promise to never use it again), I get my information from other entertainment/news sites. You may, infact, be an owner of one of those sites. I may reference you, or I may not.

The reason that I don't mind lifting pics and stories from other sites is because I don't JUST lift them; I make everything my own. I don't take your idea, or your joke, or your insight. So if I heard about it from Concrete Loop or Crunk & Disorderly or or, THANK YOU. But I might not mention you after this. Blame it on the herb and my laziness, not my heart.

Shits and Giggles from Houston. Shits and Giggles.

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