Thursday, July 6, 2006

Stacey Dash in Playboy?

Well, well, well. The ageless Stacey Dash (40) is posing for Playboy? At least she says so on her website. Is this really her website? All I saw on Playboy's site were a bunch of white women.

If Stacey really is posing for the mag, I feel a little funny. Surely she doesn't need money that badly? I know I haven't seen her since the All Fall's Down video (beautiful!), and I know cousin Dame Dash aint really, like, working right now - but Playboy? Smooth Magazine wasn't enough?

On second thought: Do your thing Stacey. White women do it. Hell, Vanessa Williams did her thing back in the day. Matter-of-fact... Shout out to Old School!

Hey, this is my site. I do what I want what I want to...

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