Thursday, October 19, 2006

What Exactly Did Jay-Z Do for Africa?

According to, Jay-Z was like "Fk it" when it came time to discuss conserving water with the VP of Ghana. Was the trip publicity for his new album? A photo op? Was he in over his head and out of his range of expertise? Did he think becoming a humanitarian would be easy when he don't really give a damn?

Beyonce didn't even want the lil African children getting too close to her:

The recent tour of Jay-Z, a renowned hip-hop star and United Nations (UN) Ambassador, to Africa was supposed to serve as a medium to educate the public about the need for water conservation.

But at the end of the day, the most pressing issue of water conservation that was widely publicized was relegated to the background.

Speaking on United Nations Radio, Jay-Z said, "I'm using my music to educate my folks in Africa about conserving water, since water is a very big issue, I'm using my music to educate my people about the importance of conserving water". [WTF? I see why he's with Beyonce.]

Jay-Z received a lot of goodwill and support from the U.N for his contribution in sensitizing Africa about preserving water; however, reports by the BBC indicated that most people in Africa did not know what Jay-Z's tour was all about.

Other sources close to Charter House told this reporter that the local event organizers had an itinerary for the artiste, but when he got to Ghana, he and his team ignored all the plans that had been made. He disclosed that as part of the programme, Jay-Z was to discuss with the Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama about his water conservation advocacy but he and his team decided to forget about it. ["I got 99 problems, but yo water aint one..."]

A Ghanaian event organizer, Kwame Sarpong said, "some international artistes use Africa's plight to get sponsorship to tour the continent, and they make the money and forget about whatever theme they were supposed to be sensitizing the people about".

Several interviews with music fans and the general public clearly reveal that very little is known to the public about Jay-Z's water project.

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