Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Paul Wall Proves He's a Ni***

"Money talks, I'll do an album with Pee Wee Herman if the money's right, baby. I'll do an album with anybody... Fuck it, I don't give a damn if the record doesn't sell."

"Rappin is the simplest, easiest shit in the world. That aint shit to brag about. That shit aint hard. Cause all you gotta do is write some shit on paper... All I'm doin is writin some shit down I done seen with my own eyes..."

*you MUST watch the video. audio is imperitive to the post.*

If this white boy is really serious—not just trying to sell an image, but actually that dumb—I'm shocked. I thought he might be somewhat of a gimmick. Not 100% gimmick, but about 30%. I knew he was raised with black boys, but he used to be this guy:

SO you can understand why I thought that some of his foolishness was just an attempt to be an authentic white/black boy. I knew he had a real affinity for us, but I believed that deep down inside lived a smart white kid trying to get on. Even got a black wife to get that stamp of approval. (I still respected his hustle.)

But then... I saw this video. Right now I'm convinced that Paul Wall was actually raised by a drunk, black uncle who didn't make it to his 5th grade Graduation.

Only a real, true nigga can be as ignut as I just witnessed. Paul can just about say nigga now. Wish we could see his eyes b/c if he's as crazy as he's portraying himself to be, his words should be a direct result of a day's worth of blunts, syrup, and Hennessy. Anything less is unacceptable.


  1. I told you this cracker wasn't bout shit a long time ago!!!! HOUSTON RAP SUCKS!!!!!


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