Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kanye and Farnsworth Sittin' in a Tree....

I’m actually close to not liking Kanye West. First, he tried to tell us not to hate on the gays. We ignored that foolishness and let him make it. Then he tried to make us believe that the chic below is actually his fiance. One day we heard rumors about Kanye and John Legend/Farnsworth Bentley. The next day, Mr. West hit us with an “engagement”. When did they actually DATE before becoming engaged? I would have noticed a bitch other than John Legend by his side before.

Kanye and his "girlfriend"

Now, Kanye’s running all over the country promoting Farnsworth Bentley as a r a p p e r. WTF? First, Puff put him on, now Kanye has signed him to a RECORD DEAL. The Umbrella Man needs to stop the madness and just write a book about how to whip a superstar.

See Farnsworth performing at Fashion Rocks below. Pretty boring stunt.

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