Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Even the Amish Aren't Safe

I've always respected the Amish -- and except for a few things, I've also envied their simpler way of living. Until recently, they were able to exist with little-to-no violence. However, the psycho pictured below, 32 year old Carl Roberts IV, changed all of that when he took a one-room school hostage and killed 5 young girls.

Before taking his own life, Roberts called his wife to confess about molesting young family members two decades ago. Wait. That means he was only 12. So, he was essentially a kid himself at that time. I think the girls were only 3 and 5, though. So that's pretty horrible - but how senseless his actions were today!

There have been too many school shootings in the past month alone, the previous one at the hands of that Bailey fool.

Schools should be equipped with metal detecters and security officers at the front doors. Perhaps some soldiers in Iraq can come home and hold guard?

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