Friday, October 6, 2006

Beyonce - Irreplaceable

Are all you simple biatches satisfied? Beyonce made a calm, quiet video for y'all since you didn't appreciate anything remotely creative, exciting, or outside of your structured black boxes.

I've read various blogs and your reluctant "approvals" of the video. Of course, you can't give the girl all her props though -- you want this video to have more of a "storyline"; you don't understand the 20 minutes of silence at the beginning; and you wish she'd do something else with the last few seconds of the video.

Know what? Why don't you just go to film school and make your own videos instead of typing letters (for someone else to sign) and paying invoices from 8-5, Mon.-Fri? Let's see what kind of video YOU come up with.

As for my opinion of Irreplaceable, I love the song and the video is cool. I actually enjoy the non-composed, erratic Beyonce more, but Beyonce is gorgeous and "KMA"-ish in this one. She looks a whole lot like Solange - or maybe Solange looks a whole lot like her.

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