Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crazy A-- Nivea

My #1 requirement from celebs is that they entertain me. If you can sing and dance that's a plus, but please entertain me somehow, someway. I should preface this whole post by saying that I just had 3 Swamp Things at Pappadeaux and that fact might influence my impression of Nivea in the following video.

Yeah, she was drunk or hi or just real real real real goofy, but she kept my attention the whole video. Man, talk about falling off. Nivea know she's wrong for letting Rolling Out film her looking like that. I like her personality though. She's probably cool when she's sober. And please believe she does look like a female The Dream without money.


  1. Off the F-ing HOOK! She had something in her system. I didn't know home girl had twins! WOW!

    I like Nivea (sober), thanks for posting that.

    I wonder was that really Lil Wayne calling.....

  2. Hell to the NO. That wasnt LIL Wayne calling her ass. She set that up so her phone could ring while she was ding her interview. Thats why she placed it by the cameras when it first came on. She already knew it was gonna ring. This fool is crazy as hell. Get you some help Nivea. CRACK IS WHACK!!


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