Monday, March 30, 2009

Ginuwine - Last Chance

Looking good, Ginuwine. The years have been kind...

LisaRaye looks great of course. And thanks to some excellent direction, she doesn't make a sound.

THROWBACK Ginuwine: "Stingy".... sounds like "Last Chance".


  1. Ginuwine is looking good. He looks better now than he did in the past. Back in the day I thought he was too pretty. He's looking like a man now :-)

  2. I totally agree. I wasn't into Ginuwine back in the day, but hmmmmm... he got his grown man on now. Nice voice too. Alright Sole! lol

  3. What was the point of Tyrese being in the video, other than to make me drool all over my keyboard? Uhhh, ghost of bad boyfriend present?

    I love that they got a grown woman to be in the video, and not a 'video vixen' that's barely legal.

  4. Tyrese was doing some serious method acting right LOL !
    Both of them are some handsome goodlookings !


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