Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music and Drama

The Making of Ginuwine’s Last Chance

Why does this video look like a throwback? Ginuwine, LisaRaye...I'm waiting on an Ananda Lewis cameo. Anyhoo… LisaRaye is on some, “I’m an actress and being a video ho is so 7 years ago” ish. So ok, Diamond is determined to classify herself as an actress. Cool.

Ginuwine is a nice looking man; I won’t lie about that, but hey what’s up with the v-mustache and v-eyebrows? I’m not really feeling the whole devilish grooming.

As a side note, I don’t know what to believe about Ginuwine and LisaRaye fooling around. I mean, it’s possible, but let’s hope he’s not doing Sole like that while she’s at home birthing babies and running from a career.



Text Message from Chris Brown's Manager/Lover?

TMZ is reporting that the 3 page text message that set Rihanna OFF came from Tina Davis, CB's 40 year old manager. This is the same woman who SandraRose insists molested CB when he was 16. I say molested because at that time, ole Tina was 37 and she didn't need to be laying down with a 16 year old boy.

I don't condone or even understand why Chris Brown beat the ish out of Rihanna, but let's keep it real: between Tina stealing his youth - allegedly - and his mother sticking with an abusive husband for years, I can see why CB may be disturbed and damaged. He's not that damaged, but still.

Tina's dad says that this is an "old" rumor (fa sho) and has absolutely no merit.
Story here.

And oh yeah, there's this: Chris Brown and Rihanna are supposedly recording a love song together that's "full of emotion". I'd like to think it's full of something else. Story here.


LeToya Luckett's New Video - Not Anymore

Love it.

Her new CD drops May 19th. I hope it propels her into real stardom.


Diddy speaks out about why he let Rihanna and Chris stay at his crib in Miami.

(I'm paraphrasing only slightly. Don't feel like transcribing.)

Ellen: Why would you let them stay at your house?

P. Diddy: It's my house...I can have whoever I want in my house. I don't judge... blah blah blah...
I may not agree with what he did, but I do agree with his logic. It IS his house and his business. He's allowed to live his life according to his moral and ethical code. HIS life. HIS codes.


  1. I like Ginuwine and Letoya Luckett. IF CB's manager Tina did have a sexual relationship with him back when he was 16, she needs to be charged. I don't believe in the double standard bologny...women need to be charged with the quickness just like men.

  2. Man! Pedophiles are every where these days and it seems theres more in the music industry than we know of!

    If this is true than her arse should be locked up too and also
    where was Chris Browns mama in all of this?? smh

  3. I love LeToya, I hope this next album is a hit !


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