Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sea of Men...

My husband, Bear, and my ex, Ray, met up at the Toyota Center early this morning for Day 1 of the Blacktop Basketball Tournament. I had no intention of being there at 7:30am just to watch the guys warm up and register, so me and my son pulled up right as they were finishing the first game. For me, that's called "on time."

A strange thing happened on my walk to the court. Before I could even get out of the car men were hollering, "What's uuuuup" and "Do you have a man? Do you want a man?" at me. I felt like I was walking on a red carpet lined with male athletes. I had almost reached Bear's side by the time the hisses and hollers stopped. Feeling like Beyonce on a greeeeat day, I smiled real smug like to myself and thought, I'm the iiiiish...

Then I looked around.

There had to be a 50:1 ratio of men to women for blocks and blocks. Boys, teenagers, young men, grown and sexy men, old men. Black, White, Hispanic, and a hand full of Asians. I have to wonder: do single women know about this gathering? All the sexy men are at sporting events! (Yes, there were some guts there, too.) Forget the clubs, church,, and MySpace.... just find out WHEN and WHERE the sporting events are — specifically basketball and football — then get cute and get your butt there! I told Bear that my being at the basketball tournament is like him being at a conference for King and Smooth models.

I took MANY pictures today, but in the glaring sun I failed to realize that my camera's batteries were weakening. So, most of my pictures look like lines of trash. I'll take better ones tomorrow... but for now...

Me, before the camera went south:

Bear, fed up with all the bad ref calls and hacking. (He's bent over; my man is 6 ft. 4 in... -- say it like Rochelle says, "My man got 3 jobs." on Everybody Hates Chris.)

Men everywhere...

More men....

Random man sleeping in white shades, hanging out of a truck. Can you see him in the door opening?

The camera was really struggling to stay alive, but just know that past these two men, there's a sea of more men...

And finally, at the end of the day... my son, his dad, and Bear...

Ray's wife wasn't far behind. (She's on the left; my cousin is on the right; my son's face is blurred because he IS a minor and I don't really get down like that. And he needs a haircut.)


  1. beautiful post Smokie, you have a beautiful family and yes, I need to get to that event STAT!

  2. LOL@:my son's face is blurred because he IS a minor and I don't really get down like that. And he needs a haircut.)

  3. Ok Smokie, I will not miss the next event ! Keep me posted. You know I'm local :)

  4. I met my husband at a hoop it up 5 years ago and my sister met her baby daddy at one! lol Yes, the men are definitely at sporting events.


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