Monday, March 30, 2009

Let the Air Out!

Don't do it that way Jazzy Pha!


  1. Oh my.... did he gain more weight? That looks uncomfortable.

  2. He looks like he is full of air, for real.

  3. All jokes asides this cant be healthy, Jazze lose the weight Asap, remember you wanna live long enough to enjoy the money you made.

    can he get an INVITATION to celebs fit club on VH1?

    He needs that and a nutritionist along with a trainer ASAP!

  4. health shmealth.......he wanna die young let 'em. I'm sure there's no woman freely getting down there prying and lifting any of that for her pleasure, just hookers.

    He'll probably get tired of that lifestyle after the money is gone and go in search for true love in-which he'll discover that he's obese and undesirable, at which point he'll loose weight. until then, this is all we are getting from him.

    he looks like he letting out some gas in this shot. I bet it smells like ribs, grease, and gravy.

  5. Unfortunately, we still will have something negative to say once he looses the weight. SMH....

  6. Right! He IS pretty short.


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