Friday, September 29, 2006

White Post

My favorite white boy, Matthew McConahsomething, looks horrid in the pics above! I never, ever want to see him like this again. Totally ruins all of my Something New fantasies...

Anna Nicole Smith
You may not know this, but I have always liked Anna Nicole Smith. I watched her reality show and I've quietly supported her quest for millions. I feel so sad that her son recently passed away due to a methadone overdose. How can she truly enjoy her new daughter? As a mother of one son, my heart really aches for her.

Good thing she's got her lawyer/possible baby daddy by her side. They recently exchanged vows before God although they didn't have an official ceremony. (story here) Although Howard K. Stern (the lawyer not the skinny faced former shock jock) says he's the father, another man also claims to be the little girl's dad. It's very easy to prove paternity and end the speculation. Yes - I, too, am thinking that Anna don't know who her baby daddy is.


Pam's Peni-Nipple
Pamela Anderson Lee had a slip up, and the photographer caught her boob.

Yuck. What the hell is that?

All of this time, THAT'S what's been under her clothes? This changes my whole Pamela Anderson Lee thought process.
*Sick titty*

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