Thursday, September 21, 2006

Whitney in "US Weekly"

Sources tell Us Weekly that Houston came to the conclusion that her rocky marriage – complete with infidelity and dwindling finances – was finally over after a dramatic intervention led by Houston's music-biz mentor, Clive Davis (who was prompted to intervene at the behest of singer, Courtney Love who recommended that Houston work with her own addiction coach, Warren Boyd).

"Getting sober has given her the clarity to move on from him," a source close to Houston tells Us. Adds another source close to the couple, "After all these years, she cleaned up and got smart. She didn’t need him and realized it." (Reps for Houston and Brown had no comment.)

I also hear that Bobby feels saddened by the news. Perhaps if he woud have prevented his fresh-outta-rehab sister from taking pictures of his wife's crack bathroom, she wouldn't have left him.

I'm usually on Bobby's side. I know I was his last bonefied fan. But, I'm sick of Bobby. He can't get that mouth fixed; I've seen his alien feet (I'm a foot person); and, now he's living off of Superhead. This is as sober and sane as Bobby will ever get - and that's not saying much. I hope Whitney does get it together and moves on. Bye Bye Bobbyyyyyyy!

It huuuuurt to say that!

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  1. the national enquirer said whitney only served papers to shake bobby and make him come back home, but it backfired. Somehow, I don't think they are going to divorce.
    sad but true.


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