Monday, September 4, 2006

R.I.P. "Crocodile Hunter"

Steve Irwin AKA Crocodile Hunter was killed when a stingray barb punctured his heart during underwater filming off northeastern Australia.

"He came over the top of a stingray and the stingray's barb went up and went into his chest and put a hole into his heart," said the ebullient Irwin's longtime producer John Stainton, who was with him at the time on Monday.

"It's likely that he possibly died instantly when the barb hit him, and I don't think that he ... felt any pain," a tearful Stainton told reporters in the city of Cairns. "He died doing what he loved best."
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How I loved watching the Crocodile Hunter. The first time I saw him, I was like, "No way...", but then I realized he was serious 'bout it. A very passionate and entertaining man, indeed.
See, you just never know: We all thought he'd die inside the mouth of a crocodile, but a stingray got him by surprise. Sad. Well, at least now his kids won't get attacked. Remember when he held his infant son over a crocodile like bait?

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