Friday, September 29, 2006

All About Beyonce

I aint answering that.

Another Beyonce post - and I aint apologizing.

Tina Knowles abruptly ended an interview about their clothing line when the interviewer asked why the damn clothes don't fit. Apparently anything deemed "negative" can't be discussed in them Knowles interviews.

Click on the pic above to watch the interview.

Also, everyone is saying that Beyonce was drunk HERE and in the pictures below. You know, maybe she was. Or maybe it was all staged to make her appear normal and not so camera-ready all the time. Nah, I'd put my money on the Alize.

Note: For those who hate Beyonce - I am NOT on your team. I'm a tried and true Beyonce Stan. I'm just saying.

Getting in the car...

In the car...

Gone! (With a run in her hose...)

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