Saturday, September 16, 2006

Carmen: Author, Baby Mama, Ho, Ho, Ho

Nas' baby mama, Carmen, talks about her rendevous with Jay-Z, Allen Iverson, and Puff in the clips below. She has a book coming out soon called "Sex, Drugs & Hip Hop, & Oh Did I Mention Love?".

Ok, here's the deal: Carmen is a ho. But because she had a kid for Nas, she's managed to fool herself that, somehow, being passed around isn't ho-ish. In her mind, every escapade was a love affair.

Jennifer Lopez got around before settling down with that wilderbeast Marc Anthony. But she seemed to get a ring each time she was rang. Not to mention a couple of devotional songs from ya boy Diddy. Newsflash to Carmen: when a man raps about knocking you down and leaving the rubber in the baby seat, that aint no love story.

Then she says:
In the middle of Round 4, Allen asked, "Nas ever tell you you got some good stuff?" What?

Watching her attempt at making the ho-scapades sound meaningful is downright funny. I can't completely hate on Carmen, either. Them boys dissed her on wax. What is she supposed to do? That she waited five years past the date of interest to respond is irrelevant.

I like when people do things fully - good or bad - and, while Carmen didn't play the game well enough to be in Kelis' place (or, even in Beyonce's), ya girl did restrict her sleeping around to celebs. You get a point for that, right?

Or, at least some real child support.

Part 1

Part 2

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