Thursday, September 21, 2006



(from Sister 2 Sister mag)

DMX: She raped me. I mean, you know, that might sound like some bullshit. No man has ever been...You know what I mean, like never? Is that the only thing in he world that's not possible? Because when I sleep my "man " be out. So sometimes you have a baby sitter there so your man can have get some p---. She get in the car, I have to flirt with her and it's like a'ight, just leave it here, dawg, you know? I was out. I was up the day before. I had drunk, did a whole video shoot. I go back to the room, they had some broads, you know what I'm saying? They wanted to get up on 'em. Just put her on the couch. I don't give a f---, you know what I'm saying? I'm going to sleep, with my clothes on.

Jamie: Put her on the couch?

DMX: Yea, like, have a seat in the living room. I have a suite. So, you know what I'm saying, sit your ass right there...

The article continues, and Tashera pipes in to say that she believes him.

Tashera: I know him like a book and when she walked up to us, you can tell he never seen her before. He was like, oh sure. Because for one, if it was somebody he was dealing with he would have never pulled me in.

She makes about as much sense as he does. He had seen the girl before b/c he told his boys to put her on the couch. And what's this talk about not "pulling her in"? Apparently, Tashera knows her man's M.O. when talking to other chics - and she accepts it!

Later he says of his adoring wife:

DMX: First of all, in our relationship, I'm the smart one and she's not the smart one. Blew me away when she told me...[blah blah blah]...

I'm insulted even if she's not. I want to hate Tashera, but I can't because I don't definitively know if she's mildly retarded or not. For this reason, I'll with hold judgment.

And I'm wondering about X's definition of "rape". Does he mean that the woman had sex with him while he was out of it (high)? If so, we can probably deduce that every sexual encounter he has is a rape.

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