Tuesday, September 5, 2006

BEYONCE - Live from Budokan

Click above to see Beyonce performing songs (live in Japan) from B'Day. She's also singing DC songs and songs from Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, etc.

I've ducked, dodged, and hid from the word. But there it remains. Lurking. Popping in and out of my consciousness everytime I hear "Deja Vu" or "Ring the Alarm".

OVERKILL. The problem with Overkill is that, unless you are Yolanda Adams, there will be times when people may wonder, "Can she really sing?" By being everywhere, all the time, Beyonce gives us too many chances to examine every aspect of her talent. We begin to wonder if she is "that good".

Of course Beyonce can sing. But, does she sing well enough to play on the radio everyday? For the past 5 or 6 years? I mean, I can go days without hearing Usher, and he made the best RnB album of this era. As brash and arrogant as he can be, Usher Raymond knows when to get out of the public eye. In other words, when to go "sit the hell down". My mother always told me not to wear out my welcome. Did Tina Knowles tell Beyonce?

The AOL performance is cool, but I didn't appreciate the echo behind "A Song for You". That song is made to be heard clearly. It's a poignant tune, and the never-ending echo ruined it for me. The CD is pretty good, though. Upgrade U needs to hit the radio. Love it.


Dear Beyonce,

You're beautiful. You're polite, mannerable, and raised well. You're talented, and we admire your drive and desire to work. We are so proud to have you representing Houston. But, Sweetie, we're going to need you to relax after Dreamgirls. OK, Puddin'? Just take a looong break and sit back and watch the world. Get some none show business experiences. See how much we'll miss you. LET us miss you. Now Beyonce, after the Grammy's next year, we don't want to see you until at least 2008. If you're REALLY the shyt, you'll make us wait until 2009.
Your Fans

*BONUS* Beyonce's Interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez - worth a listen

**Second BONUS** Beyonce speaks to Ellen about marriage and kids and retiring at 30. (video)

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