Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nas and Kelis Reconcilliation?

According to an EXTREMELY reliable source, Nas and Kelis are talking again. The insider explained to, "Nas reached out and called Kelis. They had a very productive conversation. I wouldn't say that this means that they're back together, but I would say that this means there's still hope.
I love me some Nas, but I don’t like it when men treat their pregnant women like dirt. I really don’t care what Kelis did in her past. So what if she made a sex tape back in the day? Where, exactly, did Nas think Kelis learned all those bedroom tricks and treats that he loves???

I don’t know if I could take a man back after he talked crazy to me while I was carrying his child. That’s when you need his support the most. Don’t come around after my hormones have leveled off and my shape is back on track. Don’t come around trying to work ish out in the last month of my pregnancy…. From the moment I say “I’m pregnant”, you need to be rightthere doing your husband/baby daddy thing to the fullest. Get it together Nas.

BUT.... I'm rooting for them 150%.


  1. 100% cosign on this post. I'm rooting for them too. they are my fav couple!

  2. Good for them! And I hope it works out


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