Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alicia Keys and Her Boo, Swizz Beats

I'll admit that I've been on Twitter lately, and it's been BUZZIN about Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys. Now, Necole Bitchie has pics of Swizz on vacation with Alicia and some family members. Home wrecker or not, Ms. Keys looks haaaappy and somehow, someway, she done made Swizz Beats half way handsome! I'm still waiting on Jay to get that glow.

Swizz looking like "The world looks so brand new to me. Now that I found loooooove."

Did Alicia steal Swizz Beats from Mashonda? Who knows and I know Alicia aint about to spill the beans. As long as the two of them keep that look of love (is Swizz whipped or what??) and as long as Alicia keeps ignoring the rumors and stays on her "love the world" kick, I think they'll be fine.

(So, does this mean Alicia's not gay???)


  1. They make a beautiful couple!

  2. I gave this one the side eye at first, but it seems like they love each other and yes Swiss does look different

  3. whats your Twitter name, so I can follow you?

    Mine is Prosechild (surprise, surprise lol).


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