Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So She's Pregnant for Lil Wayne...?

According to all the gossip sites, Lauren London is joining the rapidly growing list of women birthing Lil Wayne's spawn. She don't give a damn what the chicken heads have to say about it either.

I was about to put on my Judgemental Hat, but guess what? Lauren's a young actress having a baby at just about the same age that I had mine. And her baby daddy is doing WAY more than mine was...

So, I'm wondering: Should we tell our daughters to wait for the right one but if they can't, to make sure they only sleep with the boys with fat pockets?


  1. Since I don't plan on/ won't tell my baby girl to sleep with anyone with fat pockets, I'll have to agree with advising her to wait for the right one.

    Though, honestly, neither deals realistically with healthy sexual lifestyles for women. I mean why are single women still having sex unprotected? They're not monogamous, so I can't be convinced weezy is even the father.

    I really thought that Lauren was smarter than that.

  2. Eh, I don't know...that biological timeclock flies by really quick but I'll take my chances on the 'right one' over the fat pockets. ..but then the question is WTH does the 'right one' mean?...really?! Thinking out of the box, the 'right one' can be many dudes and its just as sketchy like beauty...being in the eye of the beholder and all...

  3. I'll just tell my daughter to wait...hopefully I'll be convincing

    But I wonder if this rumor is true though

  4. How does anybody do it with Lil Wayne? and RAW!?? ewwwwwwwww!! Anyway I think we should still tell our daughters to wait for the right one. I read somewhere today Michelle' had a baby with Suge Knight a few years ago. I'm sure in those Death Row days she thought that money would never end. Now he's broke (filed for bankruptcy) and not paying his child support. You just never know how someone's financial situation can change. My baby daddy's financial situation is waaaaaaay better today than what it was when my son was born. I did not see all of that coming:-) You just never know how things can turn out.

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