Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Do Men Really Want?

Do women know what men want in a woman?

We know what we want in a man: power, sense of humor, job, God fearing, etc. But what do men want from women? Intelligence? Career oriented? God fearing? Good mother? Great cook? Sex machine?

I think different men require different women. The important thing is knowing what kind of woman YOU are and what kind of man fits with YOU. You might be a strong, aggressive chic who thinks she needs a strong, aggressive man when in reality you need a man who falls back and lets you shine. I’m talking about long term happiness here. I’m not even talking about just dating for fun. Personally, I think women should date all kinds of men before settling down. You might actually fit well with an Accountant when you thought you wanted an Artist.

So, what do men really want? As a standard, one-size-fits-all response, I offer the following:

1 – Supportive. Every man wants a woman who has his back.

2 – Confident. Unless he’s insecure, a man is very drawn to a confident woman. NOT A WOMAN WHO TALKS TOO MUCH AND BRAGS ABOUT HOW CONFIDENT SHE IS. IT IS ALL IN THE ACTIONS, NOT THE WORDS.

3 – Sane. A sane man wants a sane woman. Yes, some men love crazy women but there’s usually some deficit in a drama loving man. Healthily secure, sane men don’t do drama.

4 – A cook. I know, most women don’t cook now, and that’s a shame. EVERY MAN loves a woman who can cook. Even if he does the cooking in the relationship, it’s nice to know that the woman can cook.

5 – Loving. What happened to women knowing how to talk to men? And not just before or during sex. Men need that gentle care from a woman as much as she can give it. If not, they'd be with a man.

6 – A friend. So many ppl are in relationships where they aren’t friends. They don’t even realize that if they had a mate who they COULD be friends with, they’d be so much happier.

7 – Respect. This probably should have been #1. The bible says that a woman is to respect the man and the man is to love the woman. We need the love and they NEED the respect.

8 – Peace and Acceptance. No man wants you to blatantly try to change him. He wants peace and acceptance from you. This is not to say that men don't want a woman who can challenge him because they DO. The competitive nature in a male does want someone who can have a lively (yet not out of hand) debate with him. Most men would even love it if you played a game or two with them. But they don't want a battle.

I hesitate to add “career oriented” or anything job or school related because while those are pluses, they rarely beat the 8 characteristics above. In this day and age of bling bling, we sometimes forget that at the center of it all is a man who simply wants LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT, and PEACE IN THE HOME. We, women, need the security. The men just need us to be women. If we could get that part down, we’d be alright.

When you see that out of shape woman with that fine man it’s probably because she gives him something that the fine woman couldn't give him long-term. And unlike women, for the most part, men aren’t settling down with women who they have reservations about. Men "pick" the women who fit their ideal of what a woman should be. Not a competitor. Not a nag. Not a mother. Not a diva. Not a psycho b----. Not a gold digger. But a tried and true WOMAN in every sense of the word.

It goes without saying that every straight, functioning male wants sex from HIS woman. If you're his wife, the more the better.

What do you think men want? Men, what DO you want?

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