Sunday, May 10, 2009

White Trash Wedding?

No, I’m not being offensive with the title: Heidi Klum and her slave husband Seal actually had a “White Trash” themed wedding renewal. I guess they’ll have a “Hood Rat” renewal next year?

Dang. Just how much does it take for a white woman to throw up?

More pictures here for the brave.


  1. wow! whats really going on?? And I dont think I'm brave enough to see anymore pics

  2. I think its cute....its cool when people don't take life too seriously...we can't be in Al Sharpton mode 24/7. I guess I am just elated to see married couples not only together, but still having the zeal to get creative in their marriage. I give them Kudos. (backlash to this comment in 3....2....LOL)

  3. lol, funny, instead of white trash, they shoulda been Euro-trash... reppin her German side. Just a thought.


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